Your annual retainer fee includes all of the following:

» Comprehensive Annual Physical Exam
» All routine lab work associated with your Annual Physical
» Same or next day appointments when you are sick
» Our experienced and professional staff answers the telephone personally when you call, no     answering machines or voice mail and no buttons to push
» Access to Drs. Hannon or Maltz 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
» Telephone, e-mail or fax communication as you prefer
» Unhurried on time appointments, none less than 30 minutes
» Prescriptions can be phoned or faxed in to your pharmacy to reduce waiting time
» Most routine immunizations are provided at no additional charge
» Travel consultations will be included (travel immunizations at cost or by prescription)
» Practice is limited to the first 400 adults who register for each doctor; after that names will be     placed on a waiting list

Please Note:  Your Comprehensive Annual Physical Exam includes (when medically indicated) an EKG, and the following laboratory tests; a CBC (Complete Blood Count), Chemistry Panel, full cholesterol panel, thyroid screen, blood test for prostate cancer and PAP Smear. If additional tests are desired or indicated, these will be processed through your medical insurance.

Covered immunizations include annual flu shots, tetanus-diphtheria update every 10 years and pneumonia vaccine. Meningitis vaccine will be provided to children and adolescents. Other immunizations are not included but will be available at cost.